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Steel & Metal Mechanics
    Computerised Brinell Hardness Testing Machine
Enkay Machines   Computerised Brinell
Hardness Testing Machine
The Brinell Hardness Tester is used for measuring test forces, providing a highly efficient yet low-cost means of Brinell hardness testing. Tough and durable with a neat appearance, it is perfect for laboratory or shop environments with low-to-medium testing requirements.
Simple operation combined with high accuracy makes this the tester of choice.
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  Computrised Brinell
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Automatic spindle up & down
Dwell time setting
Computerized system i.e. Brinell Image Analysis systems (B.I.A.S.)
PC & Window (XP) Operating system procured by customer
Range of measurement is from 1 mm to 6 mm diameter with the resolution of 0.01 mm
  Software Features:
Well managed data base
Saves readings with respect to batch and certificate
Report generation in the form of certificate and graph
Designed in accordance with International Standards: IS : 2281- 1968, BS :1940 & ASTM : E-10
  Technical Specifications:


Load (kgf) 250, 500, 750, 1000, 1500, 2000, 2500 and 3000 kgf
Load Control Auto (By Hydraulic )
Start Operation Automatic start (By push button/Hydraulic Power Pack)
Dwell Time 0 to 99 seconds
Accuracy Conforms to ASTM-E 10/IS 1500
Max. Specimen Height 9.5 in. (240 mm)
Max. Specimen Depth 50 in. (130 mm)
Initial load Nil
Size of BAE 370 x 670 mm
Driver motor 0.33-415 V/P HP
Main supply /Cy/PH 415/50/3
  Standard Accessories:
Anvil, Flat (7.9 in./200 mm)
Anvil, Flat (2.4 in/60 mm)
Anvil, V ( 2.4 in/ 60 mm)
Hardness Standard
Ball Indenter (0.4 in./10 mm & 5mm)
Spare Fuse
Power Cord
Dust Cover
Instruction Manual
Hardness Conversion Table
  Computerised Brinell Hardness Testing Machine : EKE-BHT034  
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