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General Laboratory Equipments
    Containers and Trays
Various Laboratory Instruments and Equipments which are necessary and required in many testing process and sites are also available from ENKAY.
  Weighing Balances
  Drying Ovens
  Water Baths
  Water Still
  Hot Plates
  Containers and Trays
  Measuring Cylinders
  Digital Vernier Caliper
  Specific Gravity Testing Bottle
  Containers and Trays
EKE 9301     Moisture Content Tin
Size 65mm dia x 20mm deep.
  EKE 9302     Moisture Content Tin
Size 90mm dia x 20mm deep.
  EKE 9306     Sample Container
Steel, Size 1.0 litre
  EKE 9307     Sample Container
Steel, Size 2.0 litre
  EKE 9308     Sample Container
Steel, Size 5.0 litre
  EKE 9310     Sample Tray
(Enamel Tray), Size 650 x 500 x 50mm
  EKE 9311     Sample Tray
(Enamel Tray), Size 600 x 450 x 50mm
  EKE 9312     Sample Tray
(Enamel Tray), Size 450 x 300 x 40mm
  EKE 9313     Sample Tray
(Enamel Tray), Size 300 x 250 x 40mm

EKE 9314     Sample Tray
(Enamel Tray), Size 200 x 150 x 30mm

  Containers and Trays : EKE9301  
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