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Steel & Metal Mechanics
    Ultrasonic Flaw Detector
Enkay Machines   Ultrasonic Flaw Detector
Digital LCD Display
In-built Software for Various Contours
Measurement of Thickness, Velocity and Transit Time
Storage of Calibration and Measured Date
Provision for Memory Data Transfer to PC
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  Ultrasonic Flaw Detector
Technical Specifications:

Frequency : 05-12 MHZ
Sensitivity : 140+/-3dB
Gain Control : 103 dB in 0.25, 0.5, 6 dB Steps
Horizontal Linearity : £ + 1% of Test Range
Vertical Linearity : £ + 3% of Screen Height
Accuracy of calibration Gain : + 1 dB
Test Range : 0-10 mm / 0-10 mt in Steel
CRT Screen : 70 X 55 mm
Delay : 0-500 mm in steel
Suppression : 0-50% of Screen Height
PRF : 125 Hz -2KHz coupled with test range
Voltage Supply : 7.2 VDC (Ni-cd Batteries)
Battery Life : 3-4 Hours
Acceptable Temperature : 0-50oC
Test Method : Pulse echo/ through transmission
Operating Mode : Single/ Double Probe, T/R Mode
Dimensions & Weight (Incl. Batteries) : 4400 MV @380x280x230mm – 7.5 Kg
Pulse Energy Selection : High energy & High penetration
LCD Display : 4 x 20 Alfa Numeric
Memory : Calibration 10 Sets, Measured 100 sets
Velocity Adjustment : 0-9999 m/s
  Essential Accessories:
Normal Beam Hard Face Probe with side BNC Connector
Dia 12.5 mm Frequency 5 MHz (KC50-5.0)
With BNC-BNC Single cable & Test Block
  Ultrasonic Flaw Detector : EKE-FD030  
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